The Science of Getting Rich

Can you get rich by playing casino games?

Everybody on Earth fantasizes about living a life of luxury, but getting rich isn’t easy or everyone would do it. We often think at times if we could make quick money by any means of shortcut or trick methods. It is not that easy to fulfil this fantasy but it is also no more that difficult.

Yes, you can possibly get rich by playing casino games with good play and strategy. It can potentially have a large cash payout within a very short duration of time. So it’s as good as a lotto ticket (which is not very good), but on the upside, playing casino games is more fun than lotto.

There are some few methods for new comers or gamblers to win casino games and get rich. It is never time wasting to look after these tricks before going to legal New Jersey Casino gaming establishment.

Playing Blackjack at the casino

Blackjack is the only game in the casino where the odds are closest in favor of the player if you play perfectly. You need to be very good in counting the cards, knowing the deck, and memorizing the perfect betting strategy which has been mathematically "solved." Cleverly increasing the size of your bets according the rules of perfect play is the best way to increase your odds of breaking even or beating the house. Although it’s not illegal to count cards, it is frowned upon.

Playing Smart Video Poker game

Video Poker game is also one of the games which provide the advantage to the player if it is played correctly. If you play with perfect strategy, poker machine returns more than 100% cash out. 


Starting your own casino

Starting your own casino is also one of the best ways in making money and getting richer. Playing casino game is never off the trend and it has always been the source of entertainment for people.

Starting an underground casino

If you do not get a license to start your own casino, you can try an underground casino. Though it is very risky to start an illegal casino and make money but you can give a try. People do make money by starting an underground casino.

Starting an Online casino

It is the best idea to start an online casino instead a brick and mortar casino. Starting online casino are cheaper than the land based casino. You can build your own site and start earning in a very short period of time. There are two obstructions in starting an online casino. One is making the site legal and growing business in the industry. If these two obstacles are cleared, you can make a huge profit.


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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles text provides an unusual method for gaining wealth: It preaches against competitive economic practices, instead concerning itself with the betterment of the world.

The Science of Getting Rich - A Guide to Getting Rich and Changing Your Life

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The Science of Getting Rich - A Guide to Getting Rich and Changing Your Life

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Chapter 7: Gratitude

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